So Busy

I would have had time to write a gardening article for the newsletter if I hadn't been so busy.
And in that article I would have told you that despite the dry period, the garden is fine.
And that I’d noticed how some plants fitted in well with their neighbours. One exciting combo is Artimesia ‘Silver Mound” beside a gorgeous, red coleus. Another combo to die for is Calamagrostis ‘Overdam” blooming beside Russian Sage. And a container that works in the shade is full of plants with green and white leaves( ivy, plectranthus, whatever I could find ) and filled it out with an asparagus fern.
And I would have told you that my Hydrangea paniculatas (both the shrub and the standard) are blooming like mad. I cut them back severely last spring and am so relieved to find out that I did the correct thing.
And I would have remembered to tell you that Cliff in the garden centre in Stroud stocks Gaia Green organic products. They’re just loaded with neat organic supplements to feed your soil. Sheridan Nurseries also stocks them, but that’s down Toronto way.
And while I was talking about shopping, I’d have told you that Walmart is selling one of my favourite tools – a leaf chopper. It’s a bit pricey, but it chops leaves just perfectly for heaping on beds in the fall. I’ve used one for about 12 years.
And I would have admitted that I was so tired of getting ready for the Garden Tour that I didn’t do much gardening the rest of the summer. I just kept the pots watered and the weeds under control and that was that.
But I didn’t have time last week, so you’ll just have to visit me instead.