But First ...

I suffer from a common gardening ailment called the BUTFIRST Syndrome. The horticultural world is working on the problem, but to date there is no cure.

Living with BUTFIRST is like this. First thing in the morning I start to weed the perennial bed -- and I notice that the hydrangea needs pruning. I fully intend to finish weeding -- BUTFIRST I'll prune the hydrangea.

As I begin pruning, I notice that the new willow tree looks a little dry. I'll finish pruning the hydrangea in a minute -- BUTFIRST I'll get the hose and water that willow. Now where is the nozzle? Oops! There's the wheelbarrow full of trimmings from last week. I'll locate the nozzle in a minute -- BUTFIRST I need to put those trimmings on the compost pile.

Heading for the compost pile, I look out over the garden and notice that the delphiniums need staking. Parking the wheelbarrow halfway to the compost pile, I turn to go back to the shed for stakes. Darn it! There's the pitchfork leaning against the fence. What's it doing there? I'll stake the delphiniums in a minute -- BUTFIRST I'd better put the pitchfork away.

On my way to the shed with the pitchfork, I step over a large dandelion between two flagstones. Ok, I'll put the pitchfork away in a minute -- BUTFIRST I'll dig that dandelion.

And so on and so on and so on.

At the end of the day the bed is partially weeded, the hydrangea is half pruned, the willow is still dry, the hose nozzle is still missing, the wheelbarrow is halfway to the compost pile, the delphiniums aren't staked, the pitchfork is still out, but the dandelion is gone!

When I review what I've done, I'm baffled because I know that I was BUSY ALL DAY! I realize this condition is serious and that I should get help -- BUTFIRST I think I'll read my new seed catalogue.

Adapted from an article I found on the WEB somewhere!